Malware Threat on Android and How to Deal with It

Every now and then, a new article turns up on the web, warning you about how big the malware threat is on Android and how it can completely destroy your device and data. While it would be factually incorrect to state that Google’s mobile OS is the securest piece of technology on the planet, it must be emphasized that the malware threat on the platform is usually caused by users themselves. However, there’s no need to worry because just by following the given guidelines, anyone will be able to avoid most of the malware threats on Android with ease.

Stick to Google Play Store

People don’t like paying for stuff. That is precisely why when they see an app they like with a price tag on it, they install it from a third-party store for free. From the looks of it, it seems like a great deal, but in reality, it’s the complete opposite of that. The product which was sold for free could contain malicious content like spyware or ransomware, which would piggyback on the seemingly genuine app’s back to compromise the security of the device. Spyware would keep an eye on their personal information while ransomware will completely block off the phone’s content until a certain amount is paid. Knowing that, it is advised that people should always download from the Google Play store because probability of catching malware from there is 0.001. Now these are the odds users should get behind because that not only will keep their device safe, but it will also help them keep their personal information out of reach of dangerous individuals.

Don’t Click on Random Ads

Ads are another way for hackers to sneak malware into people’s gadgets, mainly because more often than not, the latter are quite careless when surfing the web. They click on random advertisement that appeal to them and end up inviting malicious content into their phone. Most of the ads are just another form of malware, so it is better to adopt a better safe than sorry policy by avoiding ads altogether.

Use Protection

Although Android users don’t really require anti-malware apps, they should still install one on their device just for precautionary measures. Tools in this category are quite proficient and enable users to do most of the stuff without worrying about malicious content coming into their device. Solutions like these are available in abundance on the Google Play store so people won’t need any guidance regarding that. They can easily get any anti-malware that meets their needs.

Keep Your Apps Updated

More often than not, people download a plethora of apps and then eventually completely forget about them. They neither update these apps, nor delete them from the device. Bugs and security fixes are added to the apps through the updates, but if the users aren’t downloading the patches at the right time, then malware could sneak into their device and damage it.

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