Mark Zuckerberg Speaks Up for Muslims

Mark Zuckerberg Says Muslims Are Always Welcome on Facebook

It seems that no one’s going along with Donald Trump’s stance against Muslims – at least not publicly.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook has stated that he will not succumb to cynicism or racism as he will always welcome Muslims on Facebook.

He made this comment in the light of a statement made by USA’s Republican candidate Donald Trump, who recently stated that Muslims should not be allowed to enter the US.

After making these remarks, Donald Trump has been receiving a lot of heat from the press, politicians, and general public alike. A news outlet even went on to call him a joker.

Zuckerberg continued on to say that the Paris attacks were an act of just a few people and we can’t blame the whole Muslim population for that.

He assured Muslim users that their rights will be protected and the platform will do everything in its power to ensure peaceful environment for them.

With over 1.55 billion users, Facebook certainly is the biggest social networking platform. There are a lot of people who were hating on Muslims after the recent Paris attacks, sending the latter into a state of panic. However, this statement from Zuckerberg will certainly calm a few nerves.


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