mass effect andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda Five Minute Gameplay Demo Shows Almost Everything

After making us wait for a year and a half, Bioware finally lifted the curtains off Mass Effect Andromeda during The Game Awards.

Five minutes of gameplay was shown at the event, and it showed almost every aspect of the game. We got our first look of the main character in action, combat, side characters, races, planets, travelling, vehicles, and so much more.

Mass Effect trilogy is regarded as one of the best video games around so the expectations from the upcoming sequel are unimaginably high. Bioware realizes that, which is why they have created this enormous world with countless opportunities.

They want people to have their own story, which they could share with their gaming buddies, and looking at the gameplay footage, it seems that they will actually succeed in doing so.

Mass Effect Andromeda looks awesome and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have a release date at the moment but it is supposed to come out during spring of 2017.

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