mass effect andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Trailer Arrives Today

Fans have been craving for Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay since the day it was first revealed. Today is the day where their wait will finally come to an end. Tonight, the developers are going to show what the new Mass Effect has in store for us for the very first time.

Trailer will not be the only thing we’ll be getting though as Bioware announced that their upcoming title is also the cover story of GameInformer this month, which means that fans will be getting a whole lot of information over the course of next 30 days.

No release date has been set for Mass Effect Andromeda, but it scheduled to come out by March 31, 2017. EA said the date is currently being finalized and they may consider delaying the game if it is not up to the standard that fans have come to expect from Bioware.