mcafee family protection review

McAfee Family Protection: Providing Kids a Safe Digital Environment

McAfee Family Protection is a popular parental control solution among parents due to its distinguishing features. It aims to ensure that kids are not exposed to any inappropriate and harmful content, sharing the burden with parents of monitoring the online behavior of kids and providing them with safer internet experience. Let’s find out if it makes good on the promise.

Monitor Browsing History

McAfee Family Protection shows you a complete picture of online activities performed by your kids, including all the websites visited by them. Monitoring browsing history will tell you what your kids really do online, and whether they are not abusing their online privileges. It most certainly lets you to identify when kids tries to open any inappropriate website.

Monitor Social Media Activities

If your kid is spending too much time on social networking websites, then you may block them using the blocking feature of McAfee Family Protection. Another option is to monitor the social network activities in order to make sure your kid is not using explicit language, sharing personal images, sharing personal contact information and other sensitive information on these platforms. You can also know if your kid contacts any stranger or any stranger contacts your kid with this software.

Block Applications

With McAfee Family Protection software, you can block all those programs and applications that contain adult content. You may also block gaming and other related apps if you feel that the child is wasting too much time on them.

Block Inappropriate Websites

Internet is full of good and bad content. McAfee Family Protection software allows your kid to use internet without getting exposed to the latter. With its extra layer of protection and encrypted site blocking feature, you can block those website which you think are not good for your kids. You can also block all emails or emails from specific email addresses. In addition, you can restrict your kid from getting access to chat rooms. You may explore the 35 categories created by this software and block the ones which are irrelevant or harmful for kids.


If you are an extra-protective parent who wants to be fully aware of everything your kid does not just on laptops, but also on smartphones, then McAfee is not really a good option for you. That is because it does not log SMS and MMS, leaving a window open for inappropriate conversations, as well as a risk of strangers and bullies haunting your teen.

Has a User-Friendly Interface

You can check the online browsing activities of kids in the form of detailed reports sent through email. You can set the frequency of these reports. The user interface is also pretty simple, making it possible for you to get used to all the settings within a few minutes of its installation.

Manage Device Usage Time

The time kids spend online should be monitored closely, even if they are not doing anything harmful. You can use this software to schedule the internet access. Allocate fixed time for internet usage so that kids cannot waste their time on social media, games or any other programs when they have other important tasks to take care of, like homework or assignments for instance.

Track Location

One of the major reasons parents like parental control software is that most of them tell the location of kids in real-time. You cannot track the location of kid’s device with this software, a shortcoming that is difficult to overlook.

Supported Platforms

This software is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, ensuring that kids remain safe on all popular platforms.


McAfee Family Protection is undoubtedly a highly efficient monitoring software that can be safely trusted with the online safety of kids. However, it would have been nice to see the inclusion of some of the missing features, especially locating tracking.

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