Measures you can take to Make Social Networking Sites Safer for Your Kids

Social networks have become an integral part of today’s youth culture, for obvious reasons of course. Unfortunately, this association is frequently exploited by cybercriminals, who take to these platforms to prey on the unsuspecting and often reckless young minds. You may have already realized that asking kids to limit their time on these sites is fruitless as they are not ready to comply under any circumstances. As a result, you’ve got no option but to take the matter in your own hands and do whatever you possibly can to make their social networking experience safe.

Monitor Kid’s Online Activities

Your kids may not like it, but monitoring their social media activities will protect them from half the threats. Install any of the popular parental control apps on your kid’s device, especially smartphone. Here is how it works.

  • It will show you the friend list of your kids so that you know whom they interact with online.
  • The chat conversations are saved, allowing you to know if they’re engaging in inappropriate or risky interactions, and if they are being cyberbullied.
  • With a parental control app on your kids’ device, you can know who tags them, their status updates, etc., making it easier for you to guide them when they are doing something unsafe like revealing their personal information.
  • You can get access to images uploaded by your kids on their social networking accounts. If the images are inappropriate, then immediately get them taken off.
  • You can easily get to know if someone uses abusive language with your kids or threatens them.

In short, monitoring the online activities of kids serve two purposes. First, it gives you peace of mind that your kid is safe, and second, it allows you to take immediate actions if the need arises.

Get to Know About the World of Social Media

Get yourself familiarized with different social networking platforms, how they work, what features they offer, their privacy policy and options, etc. You cannot protect kids from cyberbullies and online predators when you do not know how they target their victims. It’s best to create an account on different social media networks. A hand-on experience will make it easier for you to guide and help kids whenever they do anything wrong online. You may also change their privacy settings. You may even add your kid on your social media accounts but only if he is okay with it.

Set Social Networking Rules for Kids

Prevention is always better than cure. So it is strongly suggested that you set social networking rules for kids to follow. Limit the time of using social networking websites with the help of some parental control app. This is because an excessive use of social networks increases the risk of kids talking to strangers, updating inappropriate images, revealing personal information on their Timeline, etc. all of which can be dangerous. Come up with other rules as well that you feel may be able to play a role in mitigating threats. Be sure to take your kids onboard while setting these rules so that the resistance is significantly less.


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