Meerkat Live Streaming App Coming to Android

Meerkat App Coming To Android

After gaining its footings on iOS market, Meerkat app has set its sights on Android platform.

Since making its way to iOS, Meerkat app has become a worldwide phenomenon as it has enabled people to stream their videos on social networks without too much trouble.

Due to its high demand, the developers behind the app have decided to bring it to Android as well. The sign-ups for betas have already begun and those of you willing to give this new app a try before anyone else can sign up right here.

Making the app available on the Android platform would not only benefit the developers, but will also prove to be helpful for a lot of people who want to share their live feeds with their friends and family on regular basis.

The usage of Meerkat is incredibly simple as you just have to integrate your Twitter account with it and you are set. You can then do streams of whatever you are doing at any time. However, if you have got something special coming up, then you can just make a schedule so that more people can join in on the action.

As of now, Meerkat has a big rivalry going on against Periscope app as both are restricted to iOS, but by making Meerkat app available on Android, developers would be hoping to turn the tide in their favor.


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