meet amazon kindle fire : an affordable android tablet

amazon kindle fire tabletThe wait for a tablet that is meant for the general public is now over. Don’t sweat over the $499 starting price of Ipad. Because here comes amazon kindle fire , an android based tablet at the price of $199, perfect for starter tablet and well worth it’s price .


Kindle fire features a 7-inc touch screen and weighs about 1.46 ounces. The device uses a dual-core processor and an unidentified version of android with a custom UI build over it. Of all features what really kills and put kindle fire to compete over galaxy tab and Ipad is its price. The tablet world now is not ruled by the hardware , but by the price and features and that makes this device and amazon super charged in the tablet market race.

The new brower and cloud power

The kindle features a custom-build in mobile browser names Amazon Silk, which is uses amazons EC2 clouds to load the pages faster. Kindle fire also includes a free cloud-based storage system, so that all your media is being backed up at the cloud, so you can delete it and get it back when ever you want. This first model of Kindle fire can receive data only over Wi-Fi, but not on cellular networks. They also said to have the so-called ‘in-plane’ switching technology means that the LCD screen unlike the traditional one, can be viewed at all angles.

A door way to amazon media services

This device is designed to tap all of the digital media products and services Amazon build over past few years, like Amazon web services, instant video, amazon music store cloud, cloud storage, Kindle books and Android App store. It also has build in apps for all favorite hangouts like Facebook, Pandora and namely Netflix. Kindle fire is for reading and just everything. The home page features a bookshelf with all your media – from books to games, music and movies. You can swipe through in a cover-flow fashion, with the most recent items featured first. Amazon is really using fire to a way to present its digital media services offering free trials to people as this device comes with a six-month trial to instant videos and also a three-month trial of magazines in its newsstand .

Ordering the device

Amazon plans to take the pre-orders for this device on its website immediately and also plans to start shipping by November 15. The company also stated that they are “making many millions for these.” Along with Kindle fire amazon also¬† introduced several new e-readers, including the Kindle Touch, a lightweight version¬† current Kindle models, featuring the addition of infrared touch features to the black-and-white display. The Touch (preorder begins November 21) , which costs $99, has no buttons, and users navigate by tapping the sides of the screen. Also a version of the Kindle Touch which costs $149, with 3G wireless connectivity, was announced.

To preorder a kindle go to Click on Kindle section in sidebar. Anyways at its price I see Amazon Kindle fire as a strong competitor to Ipad and as a killer to motorola tablets. And seriously glad to see a device that offers the tablet’s powers at an affordable price.

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