Mercedes Stolen by Tech Savvy Thieves in Under a Minute

A couple of thieves have been spotted on CCTV cameras, stealing a Mercedes without really breaking into anything. They didn’t break into the car, didn’t break into the house, and didn’t steal anything at all. However, they were still able unlock and steal Mercedes without much of a hassle.

As you can see in this video, the thieves brought devices which tracked the key signals through the garage, and with those signals in their hand, they were able to unlock the car with ease. Modern day vehicles don’t use keys, so all thieves had to do was unlock the car and they did so successfully. Once the door was open, there was nothing that could’ve saved it from getting stolen.

This kind of crime has been on the rise around the globe as more and more people are purchasing the modern vehicles. Police is calling this kind of crime “Relay Crime” which is a nod to the style of thievery. Signals are relayed to a device, which are then used to open the car.

Crimes like this had been going on for a long while, but this is the first time the thieves have been caught on camera. Now that this video is out, people will be more cautious and the companies behind these vehicles will try to find a way to counter it.

Source: Business Insider

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