Metal Foil Asset Tags: 4 Ways Your Business Can Benefit

Metal foil asset tags sound like a sophisticated product. While there’s a lot of technology that goes into these asset labels, such as a specially designed material called Metalphoto® that’s designed to maintain readability throughout the life of an asset – even when used in harsh applications or less-than-ideal environments. Otherwise, they look simple and are backed with a permanent, pressure-sensitive adhesive that bonds permanently to different types of surfaces. Despite the relatively simple concept of a label with adhesive backing, these specially-designed asset tags prove beneficial in a number of areas.

Streamlined Reporting

For businesses that report to regulatory agencies, accuracy is critical to maintain certification or eligibility to participate in certain government programs. Even if your company isn’t reporting to a higher-up and doesn’t have stringent guidelines to adhere to, better reporting capabilities benefit businesses in practically any sector.

Armed with the most accurate and up-to-date data, you can make better informed decisions and help drive your company into the future instead of struggle to catch up from past errors. Metal foil asset tags offer a consistent tracking mechanism across all company assets, so you know where and how each asset is being used at all times. And with automated barcode scanning, there’s little room for human error so you can be sure your reports are precise.

Theft Protection

Theft and unauthorized transfer are big problems for enterprises with many moveable, and often expensive, assets. When these assets are tracked with metal foil asset tags, employees and others entering the premises are less likely to attempt to steal electronics and other equipment. Why? If they’re caught with those items, a simple scan is all that’s needed to pinpoint the origin of the asset.

Metal foil asset tags also mean that you’ll have better control over the location of your expensive assets. When there are fewer random assets out of place, there’s less opportunity for theft in the first place.

More Adequate Maintenance

Machinery and other assets often require regular maintenance to ensure they remain in top working order. Broken-down equipment can cause a serious hit to the bottom line, creating customer discord and loss of revenue. Metal foil asset tags are often used to track and schedule maintenance, by keeping all previous records in a central database. Asset management software offers features such as scheduled maintenance alerts, which help keep you on track without relying on a staff member to keep accurate records and remember when a machine is due for inspection.

Get more out of your equipment by keeping up with required and recommended maintenance – technicians will be able to pinpoint potential issues sooner and prevent a total breakdown, and maintenance in general keeps machines and equipment running longer. Metal foil asset tags, used in conjunction with asset management software, provide a completely streamlined documentation and recording system to simplify the process.

Tight Inventory Control

There are lots of reasons why businesses should have a firm grip on inventory levels. It’s not always possible to detect theft when your numbers aren’t in line, not to mention tax time is a huge hassle. But there’s a simpler way to maintain precise inventory counts and ongoing records using metal foil asset tags. With these durable labels, you don’t have to worry about maintaining readability even if your inventory is subject to harsh cleaners or extreme heat or cold temperatures.

Better inventory control means more reliable services to clients or customers. Never over-sell or get backed up when you know precisely how many products you have in stock or how many materials you have – and whether it’s enough to complete a job. This level of precision also means you can keep records of vendors in a central database, so when it is time to re-order you can do so with ease.

Metal foil asset tags can be used in a variety of settings. Camcode labels are constructed of Metalphoto® for a longer lifespan and better readability. Not only do you get the benefits of asset tag solutions, but you get a durable product that won’t wear down before your assets are ready to be retired.

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