Office Online getting Skype Voice and Video Integration soon

Microsoft Announces Skype Voice and Video Integration with Office Online

The update is set for a worldwide release next month.

Microsoft Office Online is reportedly getting Skype video and audio integration. If you have a Microsoft account, then starting from next month, you can talk to your Skype contacts right from within your Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint document.

“Office Online exists to help you collaborate with anyone, anywhere, with just a browser. Now with Skype communication built right in, you can get more done, faster”, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President stated in a blog post.

Skype chat history will automatically be connected with the document so that you can pick up the conversation right where you left off. This will particularly come in handy when you and your team members work on some document over a period of time.

The update comes with great perks including a Chrome extension for Office Online and major improvements in the Office app for Android.


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