New update released for Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft Releases New Update for Windows 10 Mobile

It has brought a ton of new features and a new look for the store.

Microsoft has started to roll out a new update for Windows 10 Mobile which brings a slew of new changes to the platform. The latest build “10080” brings some new features to the table along with the support for first non-Lumia Windows phone, HTC One.

The biggest and by far the most interesting feature to surface with this update is the new look for Windows Store for mobile phones. Microsoft previously stated that they have been working on building a single store that will cater to all Windows 10 phones, and this is the first step towards that.

Microsoft has also outlined its plan for the store on its blog post where they wrote:

“We’re also adding music, movies and TV shows into the Store for you to purchase and access across all your devices. Movies & TV page is functional. Music is not available in this build but will be coming soon. And just like on PC, the current Windows Store remains available in this build.”

Some other features brought to the users with this new update include an Xbox app, a video app, a music app and a video app. Furthermore, a new Office build has been added to the store that will allow you to download your Office software with ease.

Microsoft also reiterated that they will bring Windows 10 to public smartphones by the end of this year following its launch on PC.


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