Microsoft Working on Windows 10-Supporting Lumia Phones

Microsoft Hasn’t Given Up On Mobile Phones

Microsoft is looking to make a comeback in mobile phone market through Windows 10-supported Lumia phones.

Last few days have been pretty rough for Microsoft as they had to lay off almost 7800 employees from their mobile business. This move gave an impression that Microsoft was looking to give up on mobile hardware altogether, but that’s not the case.

Microsoft has revealed that they have been working on new Lumia phones that will support Windows 10, and will make their way to the users in the near future. To make sure that these new phones make their way all over the world, Microsoft is expanding its sales channels in a bid to make their device more accessible.

In addition to mobile phones, Microsoft also shed some light on Surface line of tablet-hybrids by saying that it “will expand its current list of a “couple hundred” authorized Surface device distributors to a few thousand worldwide […] Any partner can sign up for the expanded Surface distribution program, though each distributor will have qualifications based on volume.”

This sure sounds like good news, especially for the consumers as they will now have more options to choose from when picking up a new device. Furthermore, it creates a sense of competition which forces tech giants to come up with something new and better for the users.


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