Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition Price Revealed

Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition Priced at $3000

For a development edition, the price is justified.

Microsoft has revealed the initial price of its highly anticipated augmented reality unit HoloLens. It’s going to be carrying a price tag of $3000. This is a developer-oriented unit so the price was expected to be higher, but no one really expected the scale to be this high. This price point has simply put the gadget out of reach for a lot of interested people.

The high price may have put off some users, but it is the price point that many predicted right after the reveal of the unit. HoloLens is a standalone device that incorporates “custom holographic processing unit” so the price is justified. Furthermore, it is created just for the developers so that they can know ins and outs of it. This means that the price for the general public would be completely different.

Upon revealing HoloLens, Microsoft revealed that it will come with an x86 processor, 2GB of RAM, 802.11ac, and a refresh rate of 60Hz. Nothing has been said on the specifications since then, so it is very likely that this development unit comes with the same stats.

Those of you interested in trying out HoloLens can pre-order it starting today, but you will have to wait until the first quarter of 2016 to get your hands on it.


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