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Microsoft Now Forcing Businesses to Upgrade to Windows 10 As Well

Some upgrade rules have been changed to spread the new operating system as much as possible.

Windows 10 came out last year, and although its growth rate is high, it is still not at the level of Windows 7. Due to this reason, Microsoft is changing the free upgrade rules. Previously, the free upgrade push was only for the general public, but now the tech giant is going to push Windows 10 for businesses as well.

For regular users, the notifications come on regular basis, asking them to update to latest OS. From there on, it is up to them to do it or not. The businesses were exempt from this practice, but that will not be the case anymore.

By the end of January, companies in USA will start to receive notification for Windows 10 upgrade, and soon after, it will spread to other markets as well.

Microsoft has always taken criticism for forcing people to move on to the latest operating systems and they are doing the same here as well.

At this point, Windows 7 houses more than 50% of the users. They are still using the old operating system because all of their tasks are being done without much of a problem. They don’t want to move on to the new OS and face new issues. However, Microsoft will keep trying its best to force people into trying Windows 10.


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