Windows 10 to be permeable to iOS and Android Apps

Microsoft opens door to iOS, Android apps on Windows 10

The codes used for other platforms would now be supported on the upcoming iteration of Windows.

Perhaps the biggest news to have come out of the on-going Microsoft Build Developer Conference 2015 in San Francisco is that Windows 10 will be somewhat permeable to iOS and Android apps.

The company has revealed that with the arrival of the newest version of its operating software for multiple platforms, it will be easier than ever for iOS developers to recycle their Objective-C apps for iOS, and for Android developers to reuse Java and C++ code from Android apps to port them to Windows 10.

By offering developers this extra bit of convenience, Microsoft is hoping for a change in fortunes of Windows Phone with the arrival of Windows 10.

With a global mobile market share of merely 3% as opposed to Android’s 81% and Apple’s 15%, Microsoft finds itself well behind its rivals. The primary reason for Windows Phone’s lack of popularity is undoubtedly the modest number of apps available on its digital distribution platform. Developers are not interested in making apps for Windows because of its modest install-base, whereas users are not interested in picking up Windows Phone because there just aren’t enough apps on it.

Microsoft is clearly making a huge effort to get itself out of this circular trap with Windows 10, which is expected to arrive this summer.

Do you think developers will welcome the opportunity to conveniently port iOS and Android apps to Windows 10? Or would they stick to the two market-leading platforms? Do share your views with us in the comment section below.


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