Windows Phone rebranded to Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft Reveals Name of Mobile Version of Windows 10

The upcoming iteration of Windows for mobile devices will be called Windows 10 Mobile.

During an announcement about Windows 10 editions, Microsoft declared that the mobile version of Windows 10 will be called Windows 10 Mobile instead of Windows 10 Phone. According to the sources, same name will be used for branding of smartphones and tablets.

The company is finally rebranding its mobile operating system, which was previously known as Windows Phone.

This is also the revival of Windows mobiles, which had received great feedback from customers during 2000 and 2007. However, its demand plummeted after Apple and Android phones stepped into the scene.

It seems that Microsoft decided this name a long time ago, as it had started to distance itself from its Windows Phone, as well as the Nokia brand of its Lumia phones since fall 2014.

Windows 10 Mobile, which is expected to be released this summer, will run Microsoft universal apps. These apps can run on all the devices. Another interesting feature of Windows 10 Mobile is its ability to open PC version of all the apps, which can be done by connecting the device with a monitor.

Windows 10 for PC, laptops, smartphones and tablets is going to be the first-ever free version of Microsoft’s operating software.


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