Microsoft Reveals Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Reveals Surface Pro 4

All the features present in Surface Pro 4 are better than any of its competitors.

Microsoft’s hybrid tablet Surface Pro has made quite a name for itself since coming into existence as a large number of people now prefer it over other tablets. Other tech giants like Apple and Google have also dived into this market but Microsoft is not going to let them take the glory here.

Today, at an event, Microsoft revealed the next iteration in Surface Pro line called Surface Pro 4 and it is without a shadow of a doubt better than any hybrid tablet revealed thus far.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the thinnest, most powerful, and most efficient hybrid tablet to date. It boasts a large 13.5-inch touch display with pretty decent resolution that makes everything on the screen look great. Moreover, there’s a 6th-gen Intel processor that is supported by 16GB of RAM. The storage isn’t too shabby either as the Surface Pro 4 includes 1TB of space.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 has been put up for pre-order with price starting at $899, while the official release of the hybrid tab is scheduled to take place on October 26.


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