Microsoft Testing iOS Version of its Windows Phone Keyboard

The iPhone keyboard reportedly contains one-handed typing mode that works on either sides.

One of the several distinguishing features of Windows Phone is its smart keyboard. It seems that Microsoft knows it very well. This is why the tech giant is reportedly busy these days testing out an initial version of a similar keyboard for iOS.

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Just like Windows 10 Mobile keyboard, the fan-shaped keyboard for iPhone also offers one-handed typing mode. What’s different is that iOS version easily shifts to the right or left, making it easier and simpler to use with either hand on the go.

The keyboard is currently being tested internally by the Microsoft team, after which it will be available for public testing.

The iPhone users should expect to get their hands on the Word Flow keyboard within the next few months, though Android users will have to wait a bit longer.

After Cortana, it is the second most appealing feature that the tech giant is willingly offering to its rival platforms.


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