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Microsoft to Kill Off Support for Windows 8 Next Week

The company will release the last set of updates for the OS on January 12.

Microsoft is all set to leave Windows 8 users out in the cold by cutting off its support from next week, leaving its users with no other choice but to upgrading to a later version of Windows. The company will release last batch of updates on January 12.

The decision is rather abrupt as Windows 8 support lifecycle suggests the Window is qualified to get updates for many more years to come. However, the company is considering Windows 8.1 as a service pack for Windows 8. According to the company policy, users can delay the installation of service pack only until two years of its release.

Explaining its decision, the tech giant said, “For Windows 8, support ends 24 months after the next service pack releases or at the end of the product’s support lifecycle, whichever comes first. If you are using software without the latest service pack you won’t be offered any new security or non-security updates, although preexisting updates will continue to be offered.”

Microsoft faced a lot of criticism for its shenanigans to get its users to upgrade to Windows 10. This may be yet another tactical move by the company to improve the install base of its latest operating system.

The company has also decided to kill off Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 in the coming week.


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