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Microsoft to Start Notifying Users about Government-Sponsored Hacking Attacks

The feature will be available for users of Outlook.com and OneDrive.

In an effort to increase the privacy and security of its users, Microsoft has decided to warn targets of government-sponsored hacking attacks so that they can take additional security measures right away to protect their Outlook.com and OneDrive accounts.

The statement came on the same day the Reuters reported that Microsoft had not warned its users of hacking attacks by Chinese government back in 2011.

The tech giant already warns its users if any third-party hacker gets access to their account, but it never revealed about the hacking activities initiated by the government up to the day.

Scott Charney, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for trustworthy computing, revealed in a blog post that “The evidence we collect in any active investigation may be sensitive, so we do not plan on providing detailed or specific information about the attackers or their methods. But when the evidence reasonably suggests the attacker is “state sponsored,” we will say so.”

Charney also shared a few steps Microsoft account users should take to protect their accounts from getting hacked.


Image Courtesy: news.softpedia.com

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