Microsoft reveals new browser for Windows 10

Microsoft Unveils Internet Explorer Replacement Microsoft Edge

The new browser is taking the place of Internet Explorer as the default browser for Windows 10, which is expected to be released in a few months.

Microsoft Edge, where Edge refers to an edge over productivity, consumption and creativity, is revealed to be the official name of the web browser that was previously known by its codename of Project Spartan.

Microsoft shared the name along with other details about the successor of Internet Explorer in its Build Developer Conference that kicked off in San Francisco on April 29.

“It’s the browser built for getting things done,” is the marketing slogan for this upcoming web browser.

Microsoft officials claim that this web browser is totally different from Internet Explorer in several ways. Its design is simple, and it has built-in Cortana support. In addition, it has built-in reader and various note-taking and sharing features. Users can also download it from app store.

It interesting that the logo for new web browser is almost same as that of Internet Explorer with small letter ‘e’ but with minor changes.

Though, the Company made it clear that Windows 10 will also support Internet Explorer, yet the rumors are that Internet Explorer is almost dead. Microsoft tried hard to convince users that Internet Explorer is a good web browser .but to no avail, which is why Project Spartan was started.


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