Microsoft to launch free internet soon.

Microsoft Wi-Fi is a New Service that Provides Internet Everywhere

Although not officially revealed, this new service from Microsoft seems to be the next big thing.

Microsoft is always looking to come up with something new and fresh that will cater to a large customer base. The company’s upcoming project called Microsoft Wi-Fi is no different as it will allow users to use Wi-Fi anywhere in the world.

Initially, this news was regarded as a rumor, but later Microsoft representative confirmed that Microsoft Wi-Fi is indeed in development and will bring hassle free internet to millions of people.

“We can confirm that we are working on a new service called Microsoft Wi-Fi that will bring hassle-free Wi-Fi to millions. We look forward to sharing additional detail when available.”

It seems like a great initiative and it will come in handy for the people all over the world. However, those of you expecting to get their hands on it without paying anything are in for a disappointment as it has been confirmed that Microsoft Wi-Fi won’t come free at launch.

Microsoft Wi-Fi will work as an app and will be made available on iOS, Android and Windows. Some of the hotspot providers will also be able provide benefits of this service.

No official announcement has been made thus far, but now that cat is out of the bag, you can expect Microsoft to reveal it in the near future.


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