Microsoft’s New Speech Recognition Software is as Accurate as Humans

Microsoft has received a new feat in the field of technology by coming up with speech recognition software that is able to hear words almost as accurately as humans.

The development on this software has been going on for quite some time and here’s how Microsoft explains it.

“The research milestone doesn’t mean the computer recognized every word perfectly. In fact, humans don’t do that, either. Instead, it means that the error rate – or the rate at which the computer misheard a word like “have” for “is” or “a” for “the” – is the same as you’d expect from a person hearing the same conversation.”

It has been reported that this new software has the word error rate of 5.9%, which is exactly the same as human transcriber.

The work on this speech recognition software is still going on but Microsoft assures that it will be out of the gate pretty soon.