Microsoft rebrands Xbox Music service to Groove

Microsoft’s Xbox Music is Now Called Groove

Microsoft has renamed its music service yet again, and has put a price tag on it.

Xbox Music wasn’t able to make a huge name for itself, so Microsoft decided to rename it to just Music. However, it seems that the new name didn’t work either as Microsoft has given their music service a brand new name, Groove.

The good news is that this new music service looks great, and it allows you to listen to over 40 million tracks from all over the world. The bad news is that Groove isn’t free. You will have to purchase the Groove Music Pass in order to access the content available. A month’s subscription will cost you $9.99 whereas getting a pass for a year will cost $99.

Microsoft explains that adding Xbox’s name to this service made it seem like it was available for the users of Xbox only, which is why a large number of users ignored it. By changing its name, Microsoft is just trying to ensure that users will realize that it’s a standalone experience that can be enjoyed on any device.


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