Minors on the Internet

`Parents should always be concerned about how their children are using the Internet and what are they doing while being online. It is as a matter of fact, that the Internet can be very useful source of information and knowledge. It also can be a great platform of communication where you can connect with people all around the world, or stay in touch with your relatives that live far away. But surfing on the Internet can become very addictive, especially for young people who already are used hang out for hours on various kinds of social media websites or wasting time, they could spent way more productive, playing video games. Internet addiction can be a very serious problem, when teenagers will start to replace their real life with virtual one. Another thing is a huge number of websites containing very inappropriate materials that are all easily accessible. Moreover, the children that are using social media websites are usually sharing various kinds of personal information online, like pictures or videos, which in fact can bring them into trouble.

Talk and warn

Does that mean that we should not allow our children to use the Internet? It is estimated, that over 90 percent of all children from developed countries have their accounts on social media websites. Besides, nowadays children are using the Internet as main source of knowledge, so it is basically not an option to cut them off from the Web completely.  But there are other measures that we, as parents, can implement. For example we can aware our kids about what they can and do and what should they avoid online. Another option is to tell them about the blessings of privacy settings on social websites. If they will use it correctly, it will be much harder for various stalkers and oppressors to harm them.

Install guardian software

However, probably much more effective than simple conversation (because our child could choose not listen to us anyway) is installing on your or your kid’s computer special kind of software, called parental controls. Such programs have many useful options that include monitoring someone’s activity, both online and offline, recording the websites that have been visited during sessions or the complete knowledge about all the programs or games that have been used. One more useful thing can be setting time limits on the computer, so your children will spend only the amount of time using the computer that you will agree to. Careless surfing on the Internet can also be dangerous for your computer because of the high possibility of attack by viruses and malware programs that are usually to be found on various suspicious websites. In order to avoid any damage to both your software and hardware, it is highly recommended to install anti-virus and anti-malware programs.


As we can see, there are plenty of options we can undertake to keep our children safe, while they are browsing the Web.  And the most important thing about keeping them safe is knowledge about their activity. How you will gain this knowledge, the choice is yours.

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