Mobistealth Review: Time to Show Your Employees Who’s Boss!

There is a large number of monitoring software available in the market, each claiming to be the ideal tool to keep a check on your employees and their activities. A thorough review of features is what you need to do for making a smart decision. Following is an insight to a well-known employee monitoring software Mobistealth along with the pros and cons of buying it.

Prevent Data Leakage

Mobistealth is ideal to curb the threat of data loss in companies. Its key logging feature records every key pressed by the employee. This tells what he is up to. It also saves Skype, Gmail and Facebook conversation, which is yet another way of knowing about the digital behavior of employees. Most importantly, it keeps the record of every mail sent and received in order to make sure that employees are not sending confidential information to some third-party.

Improve Work Efficiency

Mobistealth let employers know which employee comes late and leave early. Its computer access tracker takes pictures of the user every time he logs in and logs out. In addition, it takes screenshots after regular intervals, say five minutes, whether the screen changes or not, so that the employer may know what an employee is actually doing. The administrator can set the time limit after which to take screenshot. Mobistealth also saves browsing history of all employees. This leaves employees with no choice but to perform their work efficiently and effectively. When employees know that their online activities are being monitored, they automatically stop wasting time playing online games, doing online shopping, having long online conversations etc. This enhances their efficiency.

Track Employee Location

Mobistealth comes loaded with the location reporting feature. It reports the location of laptop or mobile device in terms of longitude and latitude. This feature is especially beneficial for those companies whose employees work outdoors, as employers may remain updated about their location information without doing much effort.

Greater Awareness

Mobistealth can help employers learn everything about an employee, from his strengths to weaknesses and his digital behavior to browsing history.

Limit Risk and Avoid Litigation

Apart from monitoring, Mobistealth also offers reporting services. It maintain the record of browsing history, online conversations, keystrokes, location details, pictures, videos, and much more. This not only helps employers in monitoring their workforce, but also saves the company from any possible lawsuit, as the information collected by Mobistealth remains safe and can be used as evidence in court.

Alert upon Specific Events

Mobistealth let employers get alerts about the location on demand, though this feature is available on Android devices only. Apart from it, this software takes screenshots at specific events, including when a user logs in, logs off or switches account. This creates a physical evidence of the person who logged in or logged out.

Supported Platforms

Mobistealth not only supports Windows, but also Android, iPhone, Mac, iOS,  devices.


Mobistealth is a good option for employers who do not have enough time to personally watch every single employee. It is also useful in companies that want to enhance their productivity as software like these reduce wastage of time and boost efficiency.


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