How Modern Day Tech Can Help You Get Scarlet Johansson, a Spouse, and a Whole Lot More

Robots with human like capabilities were restricted to movies not too long ago. However, robotics industry as a whole has advanced in the last few years and now we have a ton of humanoid robots in the making. They are created for different purposes, but industry’s main focus now is to make them as social as possible.A recent exhibit showcased a model answering questions for the people, another robot model was shaped to look like Scarlett Johansson, and last but not the least, intimate robot dolls have also been in creation for quite some time. The industry has really taken off and with the pace it’s been going, we thought it was about time we made rest of the world aware of these advancements as well.

Scarlett Johansson as Your Assistant

Want Scarlett Johansson lookalike as your assistant? Well, it’s possible now. A Hong Kong engineer, Ricky Ma, has created a robot that looks exactly like her. He spent more than $50,000 on creating this model but looking at how lifelike it looks, we have to say that it was worth it. You can see how this Scarlett Johansson model looks and operates in the video below.

Jia Jia, The Most Beautiful Humanoid Robot Created to Date

Chen Xiaoping and his colleagues at University of Science and Technology, China created the most life like robot to date earlier this year. They created its eyes to align with what itwas saying, which gaveita humanlike feel. The creators have named this robot Jia Jia and soon after its reveal, it became a worldwide phenomenon. It has been showcased on multiple robotics events ever since and has been praised all around. This particular robot has become an inspiration for engineers as they are also looking to create robots that don’t feel too out of place in the real world.We have shared some of its pictures to give you a an good idea of how lifelike it looks.

Humanoid Robots May Replace Siri and Cortana

Recently, a robot was brought to an event in Dubai that not only behaved incredibly well but also answered almost all of people’s queries without a hitch. Usually, responses from robots are extremely limited, but this one was quite intelligent as it was able to grasp questions and answer them rather easily. We have digital assistants such as Siri and Cortana that can answer to most of our queries, but there has never been a humanoid robot that could answer questions like this. Creating it was a huge step forward in the right direction and we are sure more people will soon follow.You can check out this advanced intelligent humanoid robot in the video below.

A Man Got Married to a Humanoid Robot

A Japanese man named Senji Nakajimagot so sick of the real people that he decided to marry a robot.Initially, he said that, he did see her just as a robot, but as he spent more time with her, he realized that she has a personality of her own.He started a relationship with her which he took quite seriously. He took her for walks, dinners, and shopping. As of now, Senji Nakajima loves his wife with no intention of leaving her because he wants to spend rest of his life with her in peace.

Robot Invasion Might Not be Too Far Away

During an event, one of the creations jokingly said that it wanted to destroy the planet earth. However, with the intelligence these new robots are given, this kind of thing is not off the cards. It may not happen in the near future, but at some stage, it really might. You can see the open threat being given in the video below.

A Reincarnation of Yourself

If you are too big of a fan of yourself, then you can create humanoid robot of yourself. Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro has been working on creating lifelike robots for the last 20 years and when he finally managed to create one, it was of himself. He has created a bunch of other humanlike robots as well but his own robot feels one of a kind. Check it out in the image below.

Humanoid Robots Have Come a Long Way

As discussed in the beginning, humanoid robots were restricted to movies and TV shows only. However, time has changed now. Every year, newer and better humanoids are being created, which is great news for the industry. Seeing how well they are boding with people, give engineers confidence as they try to build one of their own. Next year would be another big one for humanoids, and we can’t wait to see what else modern day tech can do to amaze us!

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