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The Most Thrilling Rides That Will Scare the Hell Out of You

Have you ever witnessed the ultimate peak of adventure ever in your life? Well, it’s high time you tried by experiencing the astounding thrills of amusement rides! We’ll be sharing a list of top 7 most thrilling rides that have been crafted to scare the hell out of you! Make sure you go through this list before going on to experience your next thrilling ride!

X Scream at The Stratosphere

Remember the seesaw or teeter-totters from your childhood? Well, X Scream works similarly but it’s more high-tech with an addition of unparalleled thrill. Sitting at the top of the Stratosphere Tower in Vegas, this thrilling ride thrusts the passengers off the side of the tower to round out their Vegas vacation. Its 69-foot revolving track propels the passengers forward at 30 mph speed almost 30 feet over the edge of the building and almost 900 feet above the ground. It’s not only super-fast but also really high and scary! Try it if you want to overcome your primal fear of falling!

Kingda Ka Coaster

Located at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, US, Kingda Ka is not only known to be the tallest coaster in the world but also the fastest roller coaster in North America. Perhaps that’s the reason it’s named as King. This upside-down U-shaped roller coaster track takes you high up to 456 feet with a super-fast speed, not giving you enough time to think about anything else. If you’re not scared of heights or have any vertigo, then going on to experience this thrilling roller coaster ride should be on your bucket list!

Freak Out Ride

SCAD Diving

Get ready to kick in your adrenaline with this super thrilling ride known as SCAD Diving. This ride enables a passenger to be dropped from around 50 meters in the air into a suspended safety net. Wasn’t it enough to tickle your fancy? Consider yourself getting a free fall without wearing any parachute or bungee cord and then reaching a speed of 90 kph till you fall into the safety net. SCAD Diving is the only ride that lets you experience a controlled freefall without any attachments.

Sky Coaster

If you’re up for an ultimate thrilling adventure, this Sky Coaster is for you! Allowing riders in groups of 1 to 3, this ride lifts the riders to the top of a launch tower and then instantly drops them towards the ground, swinging them back and forth from a cable rope until they’re brought to a rest. Standing at 300 feet, Sky Coaster takes you on a sky ride while giving you a great view of the scenic attractions around you. Moreover, if you would like to experience something closest to jumping out of a plane all of a sudden, then this ride will fulfill that adventure for you.


With a seating capacity of two persons, SlingShot, also known as reverse bungee, stretches you just like a rubber band and catapults you to extreme heights while hurling you through the air constantly at intense speeds. Before stepping into the real adventure of this ride, which comprises of twisting and bouncing, the cord is released so you can launch up to 150 meters high into the sky.


Located at Alton Towers in England, Oblivion is world’s first ever vertical drop steel roller coaster. Comprising of two rows with 8 seats in each row, a total seating capacity of 16 passengers, this roller coaster witnesses a 180 -foot vertical drop at an angle of 87 degrees into a deep, dark hole in the ground. Designed by Swiss coaster designers Bolliger and Mabillard, this roller coaster is considered a one-tricky pony as it is relatively short and does not offer more to the ride after the first vertical drop.

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