mspy employee monitoring software review

mSpy Review: A Comprehensive Employee Monitoring Solution

Businessmen and entrepreneurs need to be extra careful in this digital era, where everything can be done through a mere click of a mouse. It does not take much time for an employee to switch loyalty to a competing firm or engage in dishonest behavior, which is why an eye needs to be kept on them. mSpy is often used to monitor employees’ technology use with the intended motivation of safeguarding legitimate company concerns. Does the software deliver on the promise and serve as a reliable solution to the issues on hand? Let’s find out in this mSpy employee monitoring software review.

Prevent Data Leakage

Data leakage is a serious concern for most of the business firms, as competitors sometimes send spies disguised as employee to rival business firms just to collect confidential information, and develop strategies accordingly. Although it is illegal and highly unethical, yet no one cares. Business firms should make sure that their system is secure enough to detect issues like these. mSpy prevents data leakage through its efficient monitoring and reporting mechanism. Its keylogger never misses any key being pressed by the employee. Its web mailer feature allows the employer to get access to every single mail sent and received by the employee. Apart from this, it also monitors messages and call history, and logs Skype, Viber, Facebook, and WhatsApp conversations. The information gathered through all these means gives a pretty good idea about the daily activities of an employee. If any employee tries to send any confidential information either through mail or message, he’d be caught with evidence immediately.

Improve Work Efficiency

It is almost impossible to keep a check on every single employee during the course of the day. Employees too are well aware of this, which is why they focus on work when they know they are being watched, but start playing games, sending text messages and doing other personal stuff the minute the supervision ends. This is the major reason behind poor performance and declining productivity. mSpy makes sure that every employee gives his best, leaving them no room or space for cheating. It even notes down the log in and log out information of every employee so that relevant actions can be taken against those who habitually show up for work late, or leave early. This software also reveals if the employee is active or not through his keystrokes. mSpy discourages time-wasting activities by blocking websites deemed irrelevant, whether they are social media sites or other shopping and entertainment related sites. The software even allows the system administrator to block any application that is unnecessary for work or is a huge distraction for the employee. All these things altogether ensure that employees use every minute of their time in the office efficiently and effectively.

Track Employee Location

You can also change its settings to track employee location using a global positioning system. This feature will tell employers if an employee is actually stuck in traffic jam or if he is just lying. This feature is particularly useful for monitoring those employees who work away from office.

Greater Awareness

Employers need not to worry about their employees as mSpy does it for them. It saves everything from call history to messages sent and received, and from application use to browsing history. It also monitors the digital footprints of employees on the internet, PC or mobile devices.

Limit Risk and Avoid Litigation

Lawsuit is the last thing any company wants as it can hurt their reputation. mSpy makes sure that the company has all the records in case the need arises. It saves daily activities of all the employees with time stamps for further review in the future. The data collected can be used as evidence in case of a lawsuit. It also decreases the risk of fraud as employees are aware that they are being monitored.

Alert upon Specific Events

mSpy does not send alerts on specific events. To get access to all the data and know if something requires attention, the administrator has to visit the online dashboard.

Supported Platforms

This employee monitoring software supports Android version 4 and above, all version of iOS (on non-jailbroken devices), Windows XP and later versions, and Mac Lion and later version.


mSpy is a good employee monitoring software, though it can use a few additional advanced features. Still, it’s a good option for small and medium enterprises.

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