Multiple-Photo Sharing Feature Soon to Be Made Available on Instagram

Instagram never stops surprising us. Time and again it has come with some really amazing features. Not to forget the Instagram stories that may have become a serious competition for Snapchat.
Now Instagram is about to launch multi-photo sharing feature for everyone. Previously, this multi-photo Instagram gallery was only made available for advertisers. Only they had the ability to publish several photos in a single post which users could swipe through horizontally.
The new beta release of Instagram for Android has revealed that now users will be able to select more than one photo and create a gallery by selecting more photos at one time. All they need to do is, instead of tapping on a photo, they have to long-press in order to select more images or videos.

After selecting the photos or videos, Instagram lets users apply filters to all of them. They can also apply separate filters to individual photos by tapping into each photo before posting all of them in a single gallery. Their followers and other Instagram users will be able to like the individual photos in each of your post. They will simply see the gallery as a single photo but they will be able to browse the photos by swiping them horizontally.
Instagram hasn’t yet announced when the multiple-photo sharing feature will be available to the public. However, all we can do it wait and hope that this feature soon makes its way onto both iOS and Android.

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