My Love Affair with Photography and the Nikon D3100

When I began my long journey in photography many years ago, I was in school and money was kind of tight leaving me with very little to spare on a decent camera. I think most students can identify with this money situation and pretty much everybody has their own fair share of stories to tell. Of particular interest was my desire to get a relatively decent camera to spark my excitement and catapult my photography hobby into the next level. For some reason, I have always been attracted to Nikon cameras and up to today, I can attest to the fact that they have served me right.


When I went to university, I had to work and go to school meaning less time for my photography sprees, but every so often I would break away from the routine and spend my free time in my photography. When I finally graduated and landed a decent job in my field of study, I had ample time to spend on my hobbies and you bet, photography was at the top of my priorities. It was really then that I discovered the Nikon D3100 which I still have and use to date. Apart from its elegant, attractive and professional look, Nikon D3100 clearly stands out as a very decent entry-level or beginner DSLR camera that is worth more than its actual price.

DSLR cameras also known as Digital SLR cameras are Digital Single-Lens Reflex cameras. They are actually digital cameras that combine the parts of a Single-Lens Reflex (SLR) camera and a digital camera back replacing the traditional photographic film normally used in older cameras. It is this reflex design scheme that is the primary difference between a DSLR and other digital cameras. For those like me who started off their photography with cameras that required traditional photographic films to be loaded in their backs, this kind of camera not only reminds one of nostalgic memories, but also takes them back to an exciting point in their life’s history any time that they hang it around their neck or use it.

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When I got the Nikon D3100 camera for the first time, one question that lingered in my mind the most was why did the manufacturers have to combine SLR camera technology with the digital camera technology while they could just use the digital camera technology instead. I guess many other photographers have asked themselves similar questions or at least pondered on this point during their photography escapades. It is a fact however, that DSLR cameras offer a wide array of features including support for various lenses, bigger, brighter views and a faster operation. Because of their enhanced light sensitivity combined with greater depth of field control for photos, the image quality with DSLR cameras are usually better than point and shoot cameras.

The Nikon D3100 also has a very good noise profile that produces exceptionally clean JPEGs up through ISO 800 and very usable ones through ISO 3200. It also delivers an excellent colour production in its default SD mode, and its metering and exposure system is very dependable. The video quality with the Nikon D3100 is far much more than its contemporaries in the field, and the sharpness of the images is of course dependent on the lens. Its guide mode is also very user-friendly and embedded in the camera itself with full manual controls in video capture. It is true that the Nikon D3100 camera will have you taking many quality and brilliant pictures as well as videos in no time even if you have little or no experience.


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