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Net Nanny: Making Internet a Safer Place for Kids

Net Nanny promises to child-proof the internet so that your kids don’t run into an awkward or potentially dangerous experience while surfing the web on their digital devices. There are many other software that make a similar claim, but fail to deliver on it. However, this particular software comes loaded with just the right tools to give parents some hope of satisfaction. Let’s find out if it really lives up to the expectations or if it just another unreliable parental control.

Monitor Browsing History

You cannot watch over kids’ online activities all the time. Net Nanny resolves this problem by fetching you the URL of every single website visited by your kid. It also gives you an idea about whether your kid spends online time solely for fun and entertainment, or if he uses it for educational purposes as well. Most importantly, it lets you know immediately if your child has started to venture into the dark alleys of cyberspace, like pornographic websites for instance.

Monitor Social Media Activities

Social media addiction is very common among teens these days, and the worse thing is that these platforms have greater chances of cyberbullying and other online crimes, but there is nothing to worry as Net Nanny allows you to monitor almost all the social media accounts of your kids including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Gooogle+, Tumblr and LinkedIn. You will be notified if your kid or anyone else uses abusive language on any of these networks. You can also know about the kid’s list of friends, which enables you to ensure that they aren’t friends with someone they should be staying away from. In addition, you can check the content uploaded on these platforms, especially videos and images. To sum it up, Net Nanny has got everything covered for you.

Block Applications

There are millions of apps available on Google store. Some of these apps are quite informative for kids, but some other also contain inappropriate content. This is why parents must monitor the app used by kids. After installing Net Anny on smartphone, an additional feature with the name of Applications will be added into the menu. This will show you all the apps present in the smartphone. You can block any app you want. Not only this, you can also block Google Play Store or any other online store in order to fully stop the kid from downloading any app.

Block Inappropriate Websites

Kids do not know what is good and what is bad for them, but you surely do know that, which is why Net Nanny gives all the control to you. This means that you can block any website you want even if it does not contain inappropriate content. You better know about your kid, his bad habits, his interests, etc. so you may pick any or all of the 17 categories offered by the software to block every website that fall in those categories. You can also use the profanity masking feature of this software that automatically removes abusive language from the website, keeping all other content visible. This feature is particularly useful for YouTube and other similar websites where users use abusive language in the comments section.


Sometimes, bullies use SMS to target the victim, so it is important to monitor the SMS and MMS of kid’s device. Net Nanny does not monitor or log SMS and MMS. This is something you ideally shout not be compromising on, as monitoring SMS and multimedia files is also as important as monitoring browsing history or blocking inappropriate websites.

Has a User-Friendly Interface

If you are not technologically versed, then Net Nanny is just made for you as it has a user-friendly interface make it extremely accessible. The best thing about this software is that you can customize it as per your convenience. It usually sends activity reports on weekly basis, but if you want them more frequently, then you can change the settings. Its dashboard has everything present in separate sections. You just need to click the relevant section to get information about it. You can get access to the portal through any PC or laptop, which means that you can keep an eye on the kids even when you are thousands of miles away.

Manage Device Usage Time

You can block the internet during night and also restrict the time to use internet for each kid. What’s different about this software is that it allows you to provide an allowance to kids in the form of extra minutes every day or week as a small treat.

Track Location

Net Nanny does not track location of kids’ devices. Considering the importance of this feature in today’s insecure world and its availability in other popular software, this is a major drawback that hurts the appeal of Net Nanny.

Supported Platforms

Net Nanny works on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The features for all these platforms are almost same with minor differences.


Regardless of the fact that it does not track device location, Net Nanny is a highly efficient software with advanced internet filtering and websites blocking features.

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