Network Security Solutions for a Mobile Workforce

If you manage a mobile workforce, you’re familiar with the challenges of BYOD and mobile security. However, you’re also aware of the importance of protecting your company’s data. You can’t simply allow users to walk out of the office with an unprotected laptop or device. After all, if that device becomes lost or is stolen, what will become of the data on it?

Your data is vulnerable the moment it leaves your building. Laptops are stolen or lost at an alarming rate. The same is true of small USB devices. USB devices bring with them their own set of challenges because they are so small. Not only are they easy to misplace and can fall out of pockets, some employees may sneak USB devices in and out without your knowledge. Whether their intentions are noble (such as to do additional work at home) or malicious, copying files onto a USB device and leaving the building with the device defeats many of your existing network security solutions.

One way to solve these problems is by using Windows server encryption software to protect the entire network including mobile devices, laptops, email transmissions, and USB devices.

  • Encrypting laptops – Laptops and notebooks should have encryption software or a self-encrypting hard disk. By encrypting the data residing on a laptop or notebook computer, you are ensuring that even if the device is lost or stolen, its data cannot be read by any unauthorized user.

  • Encrypting email transmissions – You can use Windows server encryption software to encrypt sensitive email messages or files so that they are not intercepted during transmission or left unprotected in your recipient’s computing environment.

  • Encrypting USB and mobile devices – USB and mobile devices containing company data should also be encrypted. Fortunately, network security solutions exist specifically to address these issues. In fact, you can even block USB ports from unauthorized copying or ensure that any files copied to a USB device are encrypted.

Your workforce is more mobile than ever. Has your Windows Server encryption software kept up with the times?

Daniel Gail is an author and recognised authority on network security, currently assisting companies in protecting their mobile workforce. Daniel specialises in network security solutions from WinMagic and you can connect with him over on Google+.

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