Twitter Updates Dashboard

New and Improved Dashboard Released for Twitter

This dashboard is user-friendly and will come in handy.

Twitter has released a new dashboard which will help users in keeping tabs on how much of their data is being used by third-party apps and services.

This new dashboard can be accessed by going to settings. It will show users their login history, and they will also be able to see the devices from which their account has been accessed. A lot of apps on our mobile phones gain access to certain data, and through this dashboard, we’ll be able to know how much data they are accessing.

Upon the release of new dashboard, Twitter’s product manager Mollie Vandor stated:

“Now, your Twitter data dashboard — which you can access from the settings menu on — shows your account activation details, the devices that have accessed your account and your recent login history. With this information, you can quickly review your account activity and verify that everything looks the way it should.”

This is a big deal as for the first time, users will be able to know how much of their data is being accessed by third-party apps. This will make things easier as users can just get rid of the unwanted apps or disallow their usage.


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