Apple computers can be spied on by hacker due to gaping security bug.

Bug in Apple Macs leaves door wide open for Hackers

The worst part is that the users wouldn’t be able to know if their device is hacked or not.

Although this is something that you probably won’t like to hear – Apple Macs are being hacked and this hack is more serious than any other. This specific hack allows crackers to sneak into other people’s Macs and take control of it without the users even knowing that they are being hacked.

After the hackers take control of the Mac, they can then spy on each and every activity being performed by the users.

This is a very serious issue which will affect Apple’s reputation in a big way. Apple has often been hailed for its ability to deliver top-notch security, but now it seems that the tech giant is losing its edge.

Sarah Edward, a forensic analyst at SANS Institute and specialist in reviewing computers for evidence of hacks, believes that this is a severe issue which has the ability to affect the users’ experience.

“This is scary. I would never see this. There could be funky stuff going on in the computer system, and I would never know why.”

The bug which has been exploited for this hack was discovered by Pedro Vilaça, a computer security researcher in Portugal. He posted the information about the bug on a blog last week and informed Apple about it as well.

As of now, Apple hasn’t made any statement regarding this hack, but now that this issue is being discussed worldwide, some response from the tech giant is expected soon.


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