New Design for facebook Pages with Facebook Timeline looks [ Photo’s Revealed ]

Its been just a week that Facebook announced its new design for facebook groups and now a new breaking news has come regarding Facebook’s page new design. The new facebook page design will go live to every user on march 30, 2012. I am now one of the lucky user’s who got to access the feature’s of the new Facebook Page early before the release date. So I thought of giving you a small description on it.

Soon after the release of the ever famous Facebook Timeline design for profile which is now activated for most of the accounts in Facebook.  Facebook has been doing series of changes to its design first in Profile page with Timeline like updates , then a new ticker chat, A Facebook official chat Application for windows , A new Design for Facebook groups and at last, it has now revealed its plan to change the design of Facebook page.

The new facebook page design is similar to that we had encountered in facebook timeline update for profile. The size of the Cover image   for new facebook page is same as that of the facebook Timeline cover for profile page (ie , 840 x 310 pixels) . Even the look and the way the updates are shown highly resembles to that of a facebook timeline profile page.

Facebook timeline design for Facebook pages is released [ update ]

techomag Facebook Page new timeline design

 The above screenshot shows how a facebook page will look like when the new update rolls out. With this new looks for pages you will have the same feel to that of  when you use your facebook profile. You can now see your page mention’s by other’ users, recent posts by others on your page , etc much easily. Just like the timeline for profile was released so that people can get a peek into oldest of their updates easily, the facebook Timeline new design for Facebook pages also does the similar work.

Timeline view of status and mentiones in new facebook timeline design for pages

Timeline view of new facebook Pages

With the new page you can send messages with your page fans much easily  the similar way you send message to your friends through profile in facebook. Also you can get faster access to the admin area through “admin panel” button situated to top right of the page cover. After clicking on “admin panel” ,you can see the insight of your page along with your recent page notifications , any new message that you received and your page’s recent liker’s.

new admin panel for facebook pages with new facebook timeline design

Facebook timeline design for pages : Admin panel (insight , recent likes , notification)

So its now time to get some creativity out of your facebook pages using the whole space for covers. You can check out our previous post on 15 cool creative timeline cover design by users.  You can also check out our Coverbooth cover gallery  to find some stunning Facebook timeline covers from various categories.

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