google voice gets new update

New Google Voice Update Improves Voicemail Transcription

Google Voice users can expect to get more accurate voicemail transcriptions after transcription errors have been fixed by up to 49%.

Voicemail transcription feature of Google Voice finally received the much needed update, which is going to improve the quality of the feature by reducing errors and increasing accuracy.

The voice transcription feature allows users to convert voicemails into texts, so that they can read them conveniently. However, if you have used this feature, then you are probably aware of how weak this feature has long proved to be in terms of accuracy, as voicemail transcriptions are sometimes hilariously incorrect, making it difficult to understand the actual message of sender.

Google realized this weakness a year ago, and asked Google Voice users to leave voicemails on its given number. These voicemails were then used to pinpoint the problem and fix them.

Users of Google Voice and project Fi network can start getting benefit from this feature right away without even updating it via Play Store.

Google, however, still needs to make a lot of improvements in voicemail transcription feature in order to make natural language processing more accurate.


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