Instagram Updated to New Version

New Instagram Update Allows Non-Square Images, Widescreen Videos

The updated version is available for download free of cost.

Instagram for Android and iPhone has been updated to provide support for landscapes and portrait images, as well as allow widescreen videos – a decision the company really should have taken a long time ago. It is now possible to add portrait and landscape images instead of just squared ones by simply tapping the format icon and changing the media content’s orientation.

Just like Twitter’s 140 characters limit, Instagram allowed clicking and uploading images only if they fulfilled its set size of 1:1 square aspect ratio. Users had started using third-party tools to change the size of images lately, which is why the company updated Instagram to version 7.5 for both Android and iPhone allowing more control to users when it comes to uploading images and videos.

The update will also change the way videos appear on Instagram. ‘We’re especially excited about what this update means for video on Instagram, which in widescreen can be more cinematic than ever,’ said app developers.

You can now update Instagram app on your Android or iPhone without paying any charges. The standard square layout is still available in case you didn’t like the update.


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