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New iPad Along with Two New iPhones Could Be Revealed in March

Multiple sources are now suggesting that Apple will bring out its big guns in an event allegedly taking place in March.

The rumors surrounding Apple’s March event are continuously increasing, but the tech giant hasn’t said anything official about it just yet. Some new sources have now claimed that in the said event, Apple will unveil a new 9.7-inch iPad with Pencil support. Rumor has it that this device will borrow most of its features from iPad Pro, but with the addition of a better processor, camera, and speakers.

Apple is not going to organize an event for just one big reveal, so the odds of new iPhone getting revealed are pretty high. However, this year the tech giant might have a surprise for its fans. Instead of just revealing iPhone 7, sources say that the company will also show a 4-inch screen phone dubbed iPhone 5se. The said phone is believed to be inspired by the design of iPhone 5s, but will have slightly better overall functionality due to its improved processor.

It seems that Apple is having a hard time keeping a lid on its secrets because more and more information regarding the rumored March’s event has started to leak out. It would be better for them to just announce it officially so the people can rest easy.


Image Courtesy: gadgetgestures.com

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