facebook page update

New Layout for Facebook Pages is Now Live

Facebook is always testing different ways to improve users’ experience on their platform and now they have implemented a new change which certainly seems like a good one. The tech giant has altered the design of Facebook pages, giving them a more professional look.

From now on, pages have three panels – one on the left, one in the middle, and one on the right. The left panel stays on the left no matter how much you scroll down as it contains all the options about the page including Photos, Videos, Likes, and Posts. This means that you won’t have to scroll up every time you want to change tabs as you can just click on them wherever you are on the page.

The panel in the middle hasn’t changed much as it still shows all the posts shared or created by a particular page. You can just keep on scrolling down to see what the page has posted over the course of its existence.

Panel on the right side shows friends that have liked the page, information regarding the page, latest photos, latest videos, and visitor posts.

All these changes have provided Facebook pages with a fresh new look which are pretty good to look at, and more importantly, they’re now easier to navigate.

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