IQbuds Earphones

New Smart Earphones IQbuds Lets You Control Sound

Wearable technologies like smart watches and fitness trackers have been getting a lot of attention lately, and now there’s new type of wearable in town, and it’s called “hearable.” This hearable is basically an earphone called IQbuds and it has been created by a startup known as Nuheara. It enables you to tweak the sound setting in any way you want to hear exactly what you want to hear. The team behind this creation states that they have designed this earphone for the people that suffer from hearing disorder. However, after looking at the features that IQbuds has put on offers, it wouldn’t be too surprising if people all over the world started to use it.

Crowd Control

Going to a crowded place is not something a lot of people want to do and the main reason behind it is the noise pollution that public places contain. People talking loudly, fighting, arguing, laughing, etc. can be pretty annoying for someone who just wants peace. People all over the world have been craving for something that’d let them mute out the population around them and now it has finally happened. With the help of IQbuds, users can simply cancel the noise around them. This means that you can finally stay in public without worrying about the noise pollution that surrounds you.

One on One Conversation

Talking to someone at a crowded place like cafes, parks, train stations, restaurants, etc. can be quite difficult because of the noise. However, as soon as users put will on their IQbuds, all of their problems will go away. They can tweak the settings to minimize the outdoor noise, and increase the sound coming from the person next to them. This way, people can have actual conversations with one another without worrying about the noise of others around them. This feature is particularly helpful for the people that have hearing disorders.

Listen to Specific Environments

When outside, people want to listen to some things and they don’t want to listen to some things. IQbuds allows them to do them both rather easily. If people in café are bothered by the sound coming from the road, then they can just tune it out and focus all the sound to the people around them. When driving, users can increase the external sound which let them hear almost every vehicle that’s around them. Similarly, if they are in class and just want to keep their focus on the teacher, then they can do that simply by turning off the voices around them, and increasing the voice coming from the direction of the teacher.

All in all, IQbuds seems like an incredible tool and it can really take bionic hearing technology to the next level. Just think of the advantages it will bring to the table for the hearing disabled people. They have a lot of trouble talking to people and while driving. However, with this tool at their disposal, they will be able to do both of these tasks rather easily. The best part about IQbuds is that it is helpful for everyone. Not a lot of people like the crowd because of the noise and with this tool’s noise cancelling technology, they can simply walk around without listening to anyone. All of these features combined make for one hell of a tool, and we just can’t wait to get our hands on it when it finally launches in early 2017.

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