New Technology in Programming 2020

Technological progress is being strengthened and different technologies are being introduced to simplify the life and work of the programmer. Studying modern trends and technologies is the direct responsibility of a good programmer, as this will help to always be better in his work. Such information will make the programmer more developed and demanded.

In this article, programming homework experts from (which do coding assignments for students) will tell you about the best trends in computer programming.

Apple’s New Approach called Swift

Recently, Apple has taken Swift beyond its own application and opened access for study to all comers. Since 2015, the language can be changed and supplemented locally. Since then, the language has become a trend for all developers on the iOS platforms due to the increased level of security. The closest competitors are C ++ and Objective-C. Nowadays, Swift is a quite good competitor of JavaScript frameworks, as well as other languages.


Services similar to Docker and Packer were developed, which became useful to developers thanks to the rapid creation and duplication of containers with software for any development environment. Thanks to services, the creation of a prototype project is simplified and accelerated.

Using this technology, it is much easier to produce several versions at once for a further project and a single control and interaction system with each version. Deployment becomes much simpler, as the services create a setting that is suitable for almost every server. The use of containers frees time since the manual allocation of system resources on a hosting requires a lot of effort and time.

Containers are a key component in a programmer’s toolkit. Among the most relevant and popular services it is worth highlighting the following:

  • Vagrant has a simple interface and extensive customization options.
  • Chef, Puppet, and Ansible contribute to the management configuration.
  • Go is gaining popularity due to the accessibility and elemental nature of the use of containers.

The first alpha version of Go was released in the spring of 2012, and Kubernetes and Docker appeared in 2013 and 2014. Initially, Go was not designed with a focus on further improving the infrastructure, but still has more potential than the well-known C ++ and Java. For example, containers in Go are made not only in an elegant but also affordable way, allowing you to perform parallel calculus faster.

The Great Need for Languages ​​Thanks to AI

The impact of artificial intelligence on program development and programming is gradually increasing. Algorithms for computer operation, manipulations at the level of the human language, speech recognition function, learning at the machine or deep level, and much more are the results of the introduction of AI.

In 2016, Amazon created a home assistant called Alexa, which supports voice control. For the company, the goal seemed to be achieved. Amazon offered to use the interface for other corporations. Today, the application can be found in the device of household appliances, Wi-Fi routers, and even humidifiers. The formation of AI requires the use of numerous frameworks. The most popular are the OpenAI and TensorFlow.

For programming AI, you have to use multiple frameworks, and Apache Spark has gained the most popularity. The market is open for the introduction of new players and products from them. For example, Neon and Theano are the development of Nervana Systems, now part of Intel Corporation.

The influence of artificial intelligence on the behavior of the programming market cannot be denied. Many developers began to study Python because of the best combination of language functionality and AI requirements. Trending languages ​​are recognized to be Java, R, and Scala.

ECMAScript Standard Sets Its Own Trend

In the summer of 2015, version 6 of the embedded programming language ES6, as well as JavaScript / ECMAScript, were released. The technology was installed and adopted, although before that the standards had not changed for 7 years.

Most key browsers and Node.js (a JavaScript-based platform built on open source) are more than 90% compatible with ES6. Today, the syntax in ECMAScript is found outside the programming of low-level systems and utilities for internal use. Some external systems that focus on user interaction are also developed with technology in mind. Even before the introduction of internal style guides, ES6 was introduced by well-known companies Google and Airbnb.

Part of the platform remains on older JavaScript technology because it is ubiquitous. To use the capabilities of ES6, special transporters have been developed today that are capable of converting code into legacy syntax. You can’t say that JavaScript will die in one moment. But it is better to make sure the platform is compatible with the modern standard.


The programming sphere is very dynamic, so it is essential to always follow the latest news about technology in programming. Otherwise, there is a chance that a programmer will be in less demand.