Google Translate arrives on Android Wear

New Update brings Google Translate to Android Wear

The recent update also allows developers to create interactive watch faces for the Android Wear, enabling users to get access to required information without opening the app.

Thanks to a recent Android Wear update, Google Translate has finally made its way to the wearable tech. From now onwards, Google Translate will become a built-in feature of Android Watch OS with translation available in 44 different languages.

You just need to speak into the watch using its built-in microphone and flip it over to the other person so that he can read what you are trying to say. Google Translate easily recognizes the language which is being spoken and translate it accordingly.

Google Translate works on Android Wear even if it is not installed on the Android. Also, this feature does not require you to keep your smartphone near Android Wear. All you need is a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Also arriving with the new update are 21 interactive watch faces which are available for download in the Google Play store.

Even though Google didn’t reveal the exact date, yet the company said that the update will be available for all Android Wear in coming weeks.


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