Nintendo Shares Plummet as Investors Find Out that they are not Behind Pokemon Go

When Pokemon Go started to sell like hotcakes, people all over the world started to invest in Nintendo, thinking that it is their next big hit. This of course helped them as their shares sky rocketed and in terms of money, they were able to beat their closest competitor, Sony.

It was all going well for the tech giant, until the investors realized that they have absolutely nothing to do with the game, and it is made by an entirely different studio. This revelation caused shares to plummet, costing Nintendo $6.4 billion in value.

Pokemon Go may not have been created by them, but the love for Pokemon was indeed developed through their efforts. They made it a part of our childhood which none of us will ever forget.

Nintendo may have suffered the loss, but the actual developers behind the app are enjoying their success and have earned millions of dollars in such a short time.

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