Apple TV missing 4k resolution support

No 4K Support for Next-Gen Apple TV – Report

Apple TV’s first major upgrade in three years may not bring the support for ultra high definition content.

Next-generation Apple TV is expected to come out with a slew of upgrades later this year, but according to a major tech site, this new upgraded version of the set-top box will not support 4K content.

This comes as a little bit of surprise because as most of you may know that both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus now support the ultra high definition content. So, the fans were expecting that this new upgraded version of Apple TV will also be future proof and will include 4K support.

However, nothing has been finalized just yet and the release of Apple TV is still a long way away, so there is a possibility that Apple may integrate the feature in its upcoming set-top box after all.

The reason that we think Apple is resistant in including this feature in Apple TV is because there’s not a lot of content available in 4K. Even major outlets like Netflix and Amazon do not contain a lot of content in the ultra high definition.

Although including 4K support in Apple TV would have been a big step up from the company, but there is a very little chance that its absence will actually have an impact on the sales or demand of the product. Of course, we are still keeping our fingers crossed.

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