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No Man’s Sky New Update to Add Two New Game Modes and More

After a couple of months of absolute silence, Hello Games have finally spoken and it is something that all players wanted to hear. The developers announced that all this time they have been working on a new update called Foundation, which will bring two new modes to No Man’s Sky along with bunch of other features.

First new addition is called Creative Mode and it enables players to explore the unlimited universe as much as they found and build huge bases in the planets they discover.

Secondly, we have Survival Mode, which changes the game entirely and makes it extremely challenging and enduring experience.

That’s not all as the developers also revealed that the alien species are now recruit-able and can be put in charge for keeping your home base safe and secure.

Hello Games assures that there will a bunch of other features as well, and they will shed light on them in the near future.

The new update for No Man’s Sky does not have a release date just yet, but we will update the article as soon as it is announced.