nokia 216

Nokia Just Launched a $37 Phone

Nokia is not doing very well in the smartphone market, which is why it has decided to go old-school and come with the buttons design once again.

This new phone is called Nokia 216 and it will cost you mere $37. It comes with one of the most in-demand features that even the latest iPhone doesn’t have – a headphone jack. With 32GB of internal memory, you can listen to as much music as you like without having to purchase Air Pods.

The design is old-school but it does have most of the basic features including a long-lasting battery which is non-existent these days.

If you are not that much into smartphones, then you can give this new phone a go or you can get it as a secondary. If the battery in your smartphone runs out, you can switch to this one.

It’s a good option to have in the world filled with overly expensive smartphones.


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