norton mobile security for android review

Norton Mobile Security for Android: Because Mobile Security Matters!

If you’re worried about keeping your phone’s security and privacy in check then you might fall in love with Norton Mobile Security. Symantec has created a system through which data and information is encrypted for augmented protection. You can manage all your security and privacy needs through one secure password. Since all the features are bundled into a single app you don’t need to worry about a plethora of fronts while trying to keep your phone safe. If your aim is to try to make sure you can keep data and information on your Android safe, then this is one app that you should have on your phone.

Real Time Protection

Norton Mobile Security is one of the most effective tools around for the simple reason that it works in real time to protect the device that it is installed on, which means you’re basically being protected as you use your phone. While some other apps are known for slowing the device down just a bit, this is not the case with this tool. Despite having to check incoming media, apps, attachments, messages and more, it keeps working with super ease and the user doesn’t even notice it.

Web Shield

A large part of using a smart phone is hooking it up to the internet and opening up a new world. Norton Mobile Security has a build in Web Shield that ups the ante against hackers and fraudulent websites. If you are worried about ending up a victim to phishing scam for instance, you’re relatively safer. The Web Shield prevents fake websites from getting any form of access to any of your personal data or information.

App Manager

Android phones are extremely susceptible to malware, spyware and privacy problems. This issue becomes a bigger problem because people don’t often know how to check if an app is good, bad, or vulnerable itself. The App scanner that comes with Norton Mobile Security actually goes through all your apps and tells you which are bad for your phone. This way you can be sure that the apps that you do have will not be leaking or stealing any of your data.

Remote Locking

The app has the option of remote locking a device, amongst many other useful remote features. You can use this feature to lock your phone in case you’ve left it somewhere by mistake, or if it gets swiped by someone. Once locked, any thief will have a hard time opening up your phone. Of course if you don’t feel safe enough you can also use the SIM Card Lock feature to shut your phone down entirely so that when and if the SIM is removed the phone literally turns into a paper weight.


If your phone is lost or stolen, you can just use the remote locate to find it. But thieves who pick up a phone with this app on it won’t have a particularly good time trying to do anything with it. The app produces a Lost Notice on the screen in the event that someone else finds it. The Sneak Peak feature goes a step further and lets you spy on the person that may have stolen your phone. The app turns on the built-in cam and starts shooting pictures of whoever is using the phone. The only problem is that this feature doesn’t work in all countries so you might get left out of the loop.

Privacy Report

The app preemptively provides protection by outlining risks associated with certain apps that could end up leaking your person information without your knowledge or consent. The privacy report outlines risks that the device owner should be vigilant against.

Installation Guide/Help Manual

A step by step walk through for the entire installation process can be found here. Both the help manual and installation guide are an imperative read if you have any confusions or questions about the app. You can also read our installation and setup guide for Norton Antivirus for Android to easily get through the process.

Regular Updates

Any security app is only as effective as its virus definitions and database i.e., the information that it has on viruses, malware, spyware etc that helps it guard your device against it. While Norton Mobile Security does provide update on a regular basis, it does not automatically update its database and instead leaves it to the user. There is a notification that an update should be made, but if the user ends up ignoring it by mistake then the app won’t be protecting them completely.

Customer Support

In case users find something too technical or aren’t sure about the features that they are trying to use they can get in touch with the customer support at The main issue is that the customer support isn’t that reliable because it takes a long time to find a representative for help. Users will mostly be relying on a forum for help because there isn’t a comprehensive help system already in place. It is important to note though that most of the time a problem will come up with you have chosen to get your hands on more advanced features, the free app should be fairly simple to get around and use for people who aren’t well versed in all things tech.

Premium Features

Android users can exclusively check out the premium features for free for 30 days before deciding if they want it for the long haul. The App Advisor, Anti-malware protection, prevention of fraudulent websites from accessing phone data, blocking unwanted calls and texts, remote commands including locking, wiping, and Sneak Peak, etc are all part of the premium features.


The app will work on Android version 2.2 and up.


The Norton Mobile Security tool is actually available absolutely free. However, people who need heavy duty security can opt for premium features.

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