Obama Giving Away Control of Internet to China, North Korea, or Iran

Internet has always been in control of USA, but Obama administration is going to change that, come Sept. 30th. On that day, the control of internet will no longer be restricted to USA instead it will be open for “multi-stakeholders.”

Multi-stakeholder model means that anyone can own the internet including an ordinary person, companies, and foreign government. When we say foreign governments, we mean any one of them – it could include China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, or any other.

Even if one of the mentioned countries gets their hands on the internet, it will not be as free of a place as it is today. We know that Obama administration days are almost over, but that does not mean that they should just forget about the rights of Americans. They should at least ask people about their opinion before making such a huge decision for them.

Previously, only USA was blamed for monitoring internet activities. However, if this multi-stakeholder model goes through, then your activity could be monitored by multiple countries from around the globe, which isn’t safe at all.

We don’t know what Obama was thinking with this deal as it can damage privacy and security of people all over the world. However, it’s not done until it’s actually done, so there’s still hope – he might come to his sense before Sept. 30 and put an end to this ordeal, but chances of that happening are pretty low.

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